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By Kerensa Cadenas

Don’t mind us we’ll be enthusiastically celebrating the 25th birthday of our all time girl, Kristen Stewart. Don’t hate on Twilight (we love it) or on Stewart who has proven herself to be an incredible actress with roles in Still Alice and Clouds of Sils Maria (hits theaters this Friday 4/10). See a much younger […]

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Before They Were Stars

By Brittany Carson

NY Fashion Week is coming up and we’re ready to see our favorite celebs in the front row. But for many of them, it took some time and the help of a stylist to make it there. Check out these celebrities who struggled with style before hiring some of the top stylists in the biz.

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Before They Were Stars

By Kim Martin

When Forbes magazine recently released their list of Hollywood’s Top-Paid Actresses for 2012, everyone was buzzing on who made the list and who didn’t even come close. While the following actresses in our gallery landed the coveted Top 10 spots, out of all of the big (and small) screen actresses out there, you may be surprised which newbie film star landed on the list and is ahead in earnings than a more established and well-known and beloved actress. But, these ladies all have one thing in common: before the fame, they all started somewhere, and often it was a high school drama club or early modeling gigs or taking on much smaller roles to pay the bills. Snakkle dug up pics of these top earners during their more humble beginnings.

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Looking Back

By Katherine Butler

Being a tomboy means embracing an empowered and confident girlhood. But it doesn’t mean you can’t also be all things sassy and girly. Several of Hollywood’s cutest current stars cop to embracing a tomboy lifestyle as girls. Just who are the happening hotties who went from kicking the soccer ball to kicking up their heels? Snakkle investigates.

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Before They Were Stars

By Lisa Angelo

Getting psyched to see Breaking Dawn—Part 2 in theaters? Well, while you wait, check out these old-school pics of the Twilight cast before they were stars!

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Kristen Stewart at Comic Con

By Erin Fox

Twilight fans beware: Bella’s birth scene in the anxiously anticipated Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is not going to be pretty. Snakkle spoke to Kristen Stewart at San Diego Comic-Con about the “hell” she endured while filming the sequence.

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