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By Kim Martin

After Bridesmaid and now Tammy, most of us are familiar with Melissa McCarthy’s work. But Pop Sugar tracked down a few fun factoids we never knew about the the hilarious star. Watch now!

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lily collins red carpet 2012 photo
Looking Back

By Nina Hämmerling Smith

Doesn’t it sometimes seem like celebrities all know each other? Well, that’s probably because most of them do. Off the top of your head, you can probably name any number of famous Hollywood families—the Gyllenhaals, Baldwins, Arquettes, Robertses—but the connections aren’t always so obvious. Can you guess, for example, who Mirror Mirror star Lily Collins’ famous parent is?

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Award Shows

By Tom Hardej

The dust has settled after this year’s Golden Globes nomination announcement this morning, and this particular set of nominees seems even stranger than ever (Callie Thorne, anyone?). Isn’t that why we love the Globes? So, take a load off! Grab that gingerbread latte! And check out our list of Golden snubs!

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michelle williams yearbook high school photo young actress
Before They Were Stars

By Tom Hardej

For the past two years, all four acting champs at the Golden Globes went on to win Oscars. Could that happen again? It all begins with the nominations, which were announced this morning. Read on for our overview of the acting nominees for movies and TV.

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