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  1. July 31, 2012 at 3:15 pm, Aliah said:

    Everything changed for me with esdiope 5. I loved it. Caveat: I loved it compared to the previous esdiopes, not BSG loved it. I really like the Tamara story line. Maybe because we haven t really met her before she could not be inconsistent. I didn t think she developed too quickly there was no need to dwell on her transformation, it was inevitable. Tami is pure data and she couldn t stay weepy once she understood that. Unlike Zoe who was created by the original Zoe and perfected to be a true copy, Tamara is really an entirely new being. Sure she was supposed to be a copy of Tamara but she clearly can t be. She is more of an accidental creation and therefore more interesting.The board room scene: I loved some of it but some parts were lacking. For one, we didn t see any of Zoe in the robot s behavior. In fact we never do, they keep cutting to Zoe to show us that but it would be way more effective if the robot acted like we were seeing Zoe act. The same goes for the dancing scene it would have been great to see the robot dance instead of Zoe.


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